XI Mediterranean Diet Conference

The XI International Mediterranean Diet Conference will be held during Alimentaria 2016, on April 27th to 28th 2016 in Barcelona.


The traditional Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest dietary patterns in the world, and has been included in the nutritional guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture and in clinical guides elaborated by the major American and European scientific societies, such as the AHA (American Heart Association), ASA (American Stroke Association) and EHS (European Heart Association), among others.

During the next Mediterranean Diet Conference to be held on April 27th and 28th during the International Food Exhibition, Alimentaria 2016 in Barcelona, different sessions will be dedicated to discussing how to move forward to an even healthier lifestyle.

In particular, the following will be discussed and analyzed:

1.The role of personalized diets in promoting health
2. The analysis of how to improve the traditional Mediterranean Diet with increased consumption of extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy products, reducing salt intake and other less healthy foods and maintaining moderate wine consumption.
3. Organic food over conventional foods: worth paying more?
4. Should we consume seasonal food. What does it provide?
6. The introduction of other healthy foods such as cocoa, soy, coffee, tea, millet and other cereals.
7. Food items of the future.
8. Mediterranean lifestyle: the importance of sleep pattern in obesity and health, the effects of happiness and other psychological aspects of longevity and the relationship between physical activity, exercise and health.
9. The microbiota, flora that lives in our intestines that largely determine our health. Reflections about “our second brain”.
10. Healthy urbanism: How the built environment determines our health and how to improve it.