Graduate in Information Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), she collaborates with various gastro-food media, including the magazine ‘CUINA’ and the programme ‘Un restaurant caníbal a Berlín’ on Catalunya Ràdio. Co-founder of the website, she is a regular moderator and presenter at talks, presentations and culinary demonstrations at trade fairs, conferences and congresses in the sector. She is the author of the books ‘Catalunya en el paladar’ (Austral Media, 2004), ‘Petita història de la Festa de la Ratafia’ (Editorial Mediterrània, 2016), ‘El Safrà. Com preparar-lo 10 vegades’ (Sd Edicions, 2018) and the booklets ‘Temps de MercatsI’ (IMMB, 2021, 2022 and 2023). She is also co-author of ‘Enganchado’ (Libros Cúpula, 2023), the story about the hard road that chef Raül Balam Ruscalleda has faced due to his drug addiction, and has participated in the writing of ‘Nikkei’ (2019) and ‘Cócteles, coctelería y bartenders’ (2019), volumes of the collection Sapiens de la Bullipedia.