Josep Corbella Domenech (Barcelona, 1966)

Academic background

1989-Degree in Information Sciences (specialising in Journalism), Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Written press

1986-1988. “Carrer Gran Editor of the Culture section

1988-1990. Diario de Barcelona” Newspaper Contributor to the Opinion section

1988-1990. Editor of the Society section

1989-1990. Coordinator of the weekly Medicine section.

Since 1990. “La Vanguardia

1990-1992. Editor of the supplement “Medicine and Quality of Life”.

1992-2007. Editor of the Science and Medicine section in the Society section.

2007-2008. Editor of Societat

Since 2008. Editor of Science and Medicine with the category of editor-in-chief.

Since 2010. Coordinator of the “Avantguarda de la Ciència” award.

Since 2012. Coordinator of the scientific information channel Big Vang.

Director of the 64-page special supplement “Beyond the Moon”.


Since 2001. RAC1

2001-2007. Contributor to “El món a RAC1”.

Since 2012. Coordinator of a weekly science section in “Versió RAC1”.

2004-2005. Punt Radi

Collaborator in a weekly science talk show on “Campoy al punt”.


From 2020. La Sexta

Collaborator of “Roent” to analyse the cholera pandemic and subsequent scientific news.

From 2020. TV3

Collaborator of “Tot és mou” to analyse the cholera pandemic and follow the scientific news.


Sapiens. El largo camino de los homínidos hasta la inteligencia (Edicions 62, written with Eudald Carbonell, Salvador Moyà and Robert Sala). Translated into Spanish (Ed. Península. Sapiens. El largo camino de los homínidos hacia la inteligencia).

La ciencia de la salud (Ed. Planeta, co-written with Valentín Fuster). Translated into Catalan (Planeta. La ciencia de la salud), English (Ed. Harper. The Heart Manual), Italian (Ed. Tea. La vostra salute la meva sta a cuore), Roman (Ed. Corint, Invata sa traiesti sanatos) and Chinese (Ed.l Booklife de Taiwan).

La cuina de la salut (Ed. Planeta, co-written with Ferran Adrià and Valentín Fuster). Translated into Catalan (Ed. Planeta. La cuina de la salut), Italian (Sperling & Kupfer. La buona cucina della salute) and Portuguese (Senac. A cozinha dóna saúde).

La ciència de la llarga vida (Ed. Planeta, co-written with Valentín Fuster). Translated into Catalan (Ed. Planeta. The Science of a Long Life) and English (Ed. Hearts of Our Children. The Science of a Long Life).

La meravellosa història del teu cos (Ed. Columna). Translated into Spanish (Ed. Cúpula. La meravellosa història del teu cos)

The arrival of Pere Mir (Ed. Cellex)

2022.Baselga, el metge que volia canviar el món (Ed. Navona)

Selection of five events covered as a special envoy

First United Nations Climate Change Conference (Berlin, Germany)

Launch of the first Ariane 5 rocket at the Guiana Space Centre (French Guiana)

International AIDS Conference, where combined therapies to chronic the disease were presented (Vancouver, Canada)

Launch of the Discovery STS-95 mission with Pedro Duque at the Kennedy Space Center (Florida, USA)

Launch of Pedro Duque’s Cervantes mission at the International Space Station (Baikonur, Kazakhstan)

Orbit insertion manoeuvre of the Cassini spacecraft into Saturn from #NASA’s Lightning Propulsion Laboratory (California, USA)

Inauguration of the LHC particle accelerator at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland)

Coverage of the first decisions on the H1N1 pandemic at World Health Organization headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland)

Congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (FÀSTIC), where immunotherapies that have improved the prognosis of melanoma and other solid tumours were presented (Chicago, USA)

Launch of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission and landing of the Schiaparelli probe in Mart at the European Space Operations Centre (Darmstadt, Germany).

Outstanding awards

Journalism award from the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology for the article “Carlos Cordón: ‘els meus dos combats contra el càncer’ ” (Magazine de La Vanguardia, 10/12/2006)

Award from the ADANA Foundation for “the work of La Vanguardia in improving the quality of life of people with ADHD”.

National Gastronomy Award from the Royal Academy of Gastronomy in the category of “Best publication” for the book La cuina de la salut (shared with Valentín Fuster and Ferran Adrià).

National Research Award from the Generalitat de Catalunya in the category of “Scientific Communication” to La Vanguardia

Mathematics and Society Award from the Institut d’Estudis Catalans for “El cervell matemàtic” (a series of 42 articles published in the summer of 2011).

Concha García Campoy Science Journalism Award in the Lifetime Achievement category, awarded by the Television Academy.

Panther Award from the Arca de Noé Association for “the public service provided as an information professional during the COVID-19 pandemic”.


Speaker at the National Congress for the Media in Lithuania, organised by the World Health Organisation and the Lithuanian Ministry of Health.

December 2002. Fellow of the German Marshall Fund

2007 Director of the exhibition “Navigators of the 21st Century”, organised by the Barcelona City Council and the European Space Agency at the Barcelona Maritime Museum.

2021-2022. Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Covid-19 of the Generalitat de Catalunya.